Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My sister's baby-bump

One of my favorite parts of this last pregnancy was watching my little sister be pregnant too.

I wasn't sure I would ever have siblings who were having babies at the same time as me. They just all seemed like they were either too young or on another path as I carried and birthed my first three kiddos. That is what happens when you get married young and start having babies right away. I have been thankful for cousins who were family-growers alongside me the last 9 years and for the lovely smackerel of nieces and nephews I have via my husband's family. So feeling like I was much closer to moms older than me, reveling that some of my peers from my youth are now starting families, and contenting myself with the idea that my kids would be great older-cousins to my eventual nieces and nephews I was pretty satisfied with my little plot of baby-raising earth.

I didn't know what I was missing.

Then *woosh* came the news Heidi was expecting and *wheeeeeee* my heart rose like a "welcome baby" balloon released at a raucious baby shower.

We were going to have babies together.
Due only a month apart.

This baby was a sweet surprise wrapped snugly in the pretty package that is my little sister.
I saw her with new eyes.

Suddenly we were closer than we had been for a long time. Late night phone calls talking birth and breastfeeding. Parenting questions and motherhood worries bounced across emails and texts. We were on the same plane again. Headed to the same destination. Destination: Motherhood, capital of crazy.

It was reminiscent of the days when we were in the same stages of imaginative play as little girls, or as teens when we enjoyed the same creative pastimes and fashions. We are only three years apart but life has taken us through many eras of tightly-meshed sisterhood bonding and a few times we felt light-years apart. We have gotten along pretty well, for the most part. Both passionate and emotional which has lead to an argument or two - but family loyalty and sister-love runs deep and I've always known she was only a phone call away when I needed her. I always knew there are things that only she can truly understand. And as grown-ups, it didn't matter how long between sightings, it was a good time when we were together. We come from the same stuff. That means a lot.

And now we were back in the same ballgame.
Those months were a beautiful thing to watch.

At the culmination of this baby-growing thing she asked to take her pregnancy pictures and attend her birth.

I said yes.
No way I would say no to that glow.

She was irresistable.


Positively radient.
Love you, Sis!
Congratulations to you both.
Love, Raimie Lu

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