This blog tells a bit of my story...

Every day there are 3 children bouncing in my shadow and I carry the 4th inside me.
Jeffrey, my hardworking husband of almost ten years, walks at my side and holds my hand. Together we teach, preach, tickle and treasure our lively troupe. Our home is small and our to-do list long so we simplify out of habit and necessity.

My personal joy comes in creating beauty with overlooked scraps and other people's castaways, capturing our story in words and pictures, planning pastimes for my littles, enjoying time with friends, making Paleo pretty, and puttering around our place... Oh, and being seriously addicted to Instagram!

Days spin by -- people, places, projects, playtime -- opening my eyes to see the memorable instead of the mundane is up to me. I share here what I want to remember and cherish. I hope what I write relates to you in some way, encourages you, touches your heart, makes you smile, or all of the above. I'm so glad our paths have crossed.

This mothering journey is a joyful thing once you look past the laundry.

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  1. James 1:3-4 " Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

    But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing."

    As I was reading your latest blog entry, I thought, "How like that is to my own life." I have 6 kids, 5 at home, as you may remember from our brief encounter at Goodwill. I have given many a speech about how I do everything and get little help. When the perfect storm comes along and everyone is arguing with each other and with me, the fridge breaks, the car won't start, (just examples of possible things that can happen), I do have a tendency to loose it. "Cast your cares upon Him for He careth for you." and "Bear ye one anothers burdens." comes to mind. We should leave our cares with Christ.

    Say what we mean in kindness, certainly. But I also think it is important to lead the children to do those things naturally which do not come naturally, such as sharing, politeness, caring, helping. It is not in the nature of a human being to be anything other than selfish.

    Thank you for the new entry, and for writing me back. I will now get back to helping my kids with their day. :)


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