Making a complete list of what inspires me would be as impossible as holding back a flood with my bare hands. This is just a baby list.


  • lists
  • old books
  • your grandma's linens
  • thrift store piles
  • signs, labels, packaging, tags
  • cracked paint
  • mismatched dishes
  • stationary
  • vintage toys
  • chalkboards
  • Ball jars
  • sugar bowls and cream pitchers
  • shabby chandeliers
  • chicken wire
  • pastries
  • baskets
  • washi tape and bakers twine
  • summer flowers
  • rag rugs
  • fluttering garlands
  • highback chairs
  • Bento box lunches
  • knobby knits
  • retro family snapshots
  • rusty hardware
Now you have me singing like Maria... "These area few of my favorite things!"

  • libraries (the orderliness, quiet, books)
  • Target (housewares, stationary, the whole thing)
  • Trader Joes (atmoisphere and packaging)
  • Nebraska prairie
  • Maine (history, sea, archetecture)
  • New York City (colors, grittiness, iconic culture - but I wouldn't want to live there)
  • Jeffrey's parents' pasture
  • town squares
  • historic parks
  • farm houses, bungalows, tee-pees
  • alleys
  • creeks
  • my mom's kitchen
They call to me

Each of these very talented women and mommy-bloggers inspire me. Not all for the same reasons. The unifying features would be: amazing photography and design, fascinating creativity and imagination, writing styles that (while different) always grab me and mothering-hearts I can relate to.

Personal inspiration is something that is always morphing and reforming according to the projects and needs of my life. Feel free to join me over on Pinterest if you are curious about the latest movements of my mind... Warning: It's a swirl of fluff, feathers and rusty nails all up in there.

I love too many to list.
Their love and kindness inspires me most.

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