Photo FAQ

Photography and me:

I am not a professional photographer, by any means.
I do take a lot of pictures.

Taking pictures is one way I keep track of my thoughts, memories and reality. While it is true that most of my pictures portray beauty, happiness, love... that doesn't mean there aren't dishes, messes or sour faces in my life. I just don't choose to focus on those things as often. I choose to find joy, look it in the face and take it's picture so I can remember what it looks like on a day when it's not so easily found. Being present and accountable is important so I try to keep on being a part of what is happening even while I am behind my lens. Things often seem clearer through my viewfinder. These images are a way to rewind to a view of yesterday, a way to choose our focus, a way to share what makes us smile.

I send them like a message of the present to a future I can't see yet.

My gear:

Android camera phone: HTC Rezound
Yep, I use my phone to take a lot of everyday pictures. It's quick to grab since it's almost always with me, low profile to catch my kids/hubby unaware, and easy to share pictures with through texts, email, Instagram/Facebook, etc.

Big-girl camera: Canon Rebel XSI
I love this thing. It is everything I need in a digital SLR at the moment. 

Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4
After a sad mishap with my kit lens, I was forced to go lens shopping. Sad, I know! This 50mm is my new baby and I shoot exclusively with it.

Camera bag: Pampered Paparazzi
Re: Broken Lens Incident -- I promised my man I'd be more careful. When we bought the camera, I bought a bag too.... but it was big and bulky and I was already carrying a purse and a diaper bag a lot of that time. The camera got stuffed in one of my bags or slung over my shoulder. The camera bag sat in a cupboard. But one busted lens later I vowed a vow and Pampered Paparazzi is helping me keep it. This neoprene case is so easy to use that I actually keep it on all the time except right when I'm using my camera. It slips on and off easily, closes with Velcro, protects from daily bumps, bruises, dust and moisture. I can now carry my camera over my shoulder and in my bag (carefully) with no guilt. I am a happy girl.

Strap: Re-purposed scarf
A black sequined scarf replaced the factory-issue strap and dresses up my most common accessory - my camera. My husband loves when he has to carry it for me [giggle]. 

I keep my gear simple because I certainly don't need anything more to carry around with me!

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