Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Phone Dump and a Mama-flub

I've been a little scarcer this week due to some big projects, some much needed naps, and lots of usual running, ranting, and ridiculousness.

And this post is just a drop-in to say I love you and stay tuned for some crafty-fun next week!

What do you have planned for your weekend?

Friday Phone Dump

 1. April is not for the fools, April is for the dreamers 2. Easter break hopped by 3. Climb high, child, higher than the sky 4. Boy on swing 5. Mischief personified (x4) 6. Boy pushes girl. Amen 7. Little girls are like sparkles dropped from Heaven 8. Mad hatter's tea 9.  Bubbles. Quiet. Book. 10. 23 weeks 11. What he does 12. He eats apples at soccer 13. Afternoon crafting delight 14. I am a soccer-mom 15. To work with daddy 16. My little sister's announcement 17. Gobble-gobble 18. Requesting early wake-up calls so she has time for art 19. I want to remember combing her hair 20. Said goodbye to this guy for the weekend, he is off on a trip with daddy.


Sometimes people tease me about taking so many pictures. I may look like that mother who documents every living moment of her children's lives. But, alas, as of last night, I am also that mother who gets to her daughter's 2nd grade annual music program just to pull out her big-girl camera and realize she forgot the memory card! 

[Slapping forehead repeatedly]

I did not go home to get one and miss half her program. 
I did take some pictures on my phone.
The program was perfect.
The pictures are not.

I'm letting myself be ok with that.

Thank you for tuning into this week's mama-flub moment.
Brought to you by pregnancy-brain, too many irons on the fire, and I am a ditz international.

Have a fabulous weekend!
Raimie Lu


  1. Thank goodness for camera phones. #beentheredonethat #lastdayofschoolprogram.

  2. Well, it is about like remembering the camera, after been asked to by my daughter and then instead of using a setting would get me an adequate photo, I used one I thought would be better and got nothing.

  3. If that's your biggest mama flub this week, you're doing okay. I know how you feel, though. I always enjoy the world through your eyes :)

  4. I love it when you are normal! ;)


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