Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring-cleaning heart and home

A new season usually spells lots of fresh goals and projects for me.
And isn't it grand that Spring coincides with my second trimester up-swing of energy?

Well, Spring in theory because we haven't really had many signs of Spring weather here on the plains yet...

But it will come.
And I'm ready when it does.

In the meantime my focus has turned to getting things into better shape around here. There are still rooms that aren't really decorated after our move in the Fall and the basement is storing boxes of things we can probably safely get rid of and never miss.

Plus, all the normal dirt, clutter, and fingerprints that build up when you do as much living in your house as we do.
We give our little space a daily workout that puts world champion weightlifters to shame, let me tell ya.

On that note, I was amused to find this bucket in the dollar aisle at Target. 

While this quote is very comforting to me in regards to my house when it is at its worst... I think in my family's case that those happy kids with all the messes and laundry would be happier still if their mom was sane as well as good, right?

So we clean now and then to keep me from going crazy.

In all reality the list of cleaning and organizing to be done is a lot longer than my days but I'm encouraged when I can cross a few things off the list. Even tiny things. I've been known to write small unplanned tasks on the list after I do them just so I can have the immense satisfaction of marking them off.

Because accomplishment feels good.

I have a couple new friends who are helping accomplish the cleaning.
Let me introduce you to Flo, Broomhilda, and Dusty.

Source: Boston warehouse

They are not only good at doing their dirty jobs but they manage the super-human feat of looking chic, fashionable, and put-together while they are at it. 

Oh, how we would rock this world if we mothers could manage that trick!

Wait, maybe you CAN pull that off... 

A cleaning uniform consisting of: Yoga pants, heaven help us if anybody sees me in this stained t-shirt, flyaway hair, spot of something unidentifiable stuck to a cheek, bare feet which can't remember the last time they had a pedicure-- maybe that is only me. Maybe...

I digress.

Anyway, my truly favorite part of my new cleaning crew is they are the best recruiters everI have 3 littles lined-up to be their best helpers. They will do anything to work with these gals. Anything.

That's a powerful sales pitch, right there. 


So the organizing and de-cluttering continues.
Aided by my addiction to cute containers.

It may be divine intervention that has never allowed me to shop at The Container Store. Just the name gives me goosebumps and shivers of delight.

I confine myself to thrift stores, garage sales, and people's cast-offs.
And they never let me down.

But I think seasonal cleanings go deeper than the dust ingrained in the crevices of our home. For me, they are also about reviewing the purpose for our life and marking hard tasks off my mental list.

Reach out to someone new.
Be kind even if it makes you uncomfortable.
Write that card.

Through some gals I follow on Instagram I became aware of a certain little girl who is fighting Cancer. There are so many who are fighting this disease but there is something about this one that has touched me deeply and I'm not sure why. Even her beautiful name calls to me. My "hard things" list includes writing her a letter. Soon.

We can do hard things.

We can scrub every inch of our homes.
We can find a few words to comfort someone.
We can toss out junk that burdens us.
We can pray in the face of acts of hate and terror.

We can clean up our act.
We can walk a little straighter with happy skips in-between purposeful strides.

It is Spring.
It is the season of miracles.
It is the season of CAN, WILL, and DO.

Raimie Lu

  • What is on your list?


  1. Love your positive attitude, dear friend!

  2. I love to add things to my list after I do them, just to cross them off. I love the feeling that moves me to really clean and toss. It is either in joy or aggravation with my stuff. I dump more when my stuff aggravates me.
    Love, the quote, too. My kids played all over the house in a big mess, but I think they were happy while they did it.

  3. Haha, your new friends + so cute!
    one sweet tuesday.


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