Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Playful Pirate

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.
5 bonny scarves, 1 bare tum.

You are the scurviest, head to your toes.

2 dirty feet and a button nose.

Avast me hearty, a sailin' you go.

Wave to your mama, she loves you so.

Where are you off to? Nobody knows.
But come back to mama before the days close.

Hoist the colors, light your torch!

1 mighty yell, you take over the porch.

You are the captain, brother's your mate.

When mom calls for lunch you don't want to be late.

Sisters the maid who cries out in dispair

When you threaten to tie-up her teddy bear.

You pillage the toy-box, playing your part.

You are surely a pirate, you stole mama's heart!

-- Raimie Harrison


  1. Dear pirates' mama....
    I see a book forming here....(pweeeeeze?)
    Poetry&little (pretend)pirates
    Up my street

  2. The favorite made up song at our house for the moment is this
    Lyrah sissy
    Lyrah sissy
    Brother Jaith
    Brother Jaith
    Baby Delon's sleeping
    Baby Delon's sleeping
    shh shh shh
    shh shh shh.

    Love the poem.


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