Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day Party

What do you think about on Earth Day?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?
Save the trees?
Endangered species?

I like to think about The One who created it.
I wonder at the majesty of His design, the intricacies of each minuscule detail, the thought and love that went into making it as a place for us to live.

I think about taking care of it.
Not because that is what popular media says I should do but because if you are given a precious gift then it speaks to the way you care for the giver in the way that you take care and treasure what they gave you.

I want to care for this ole' earth like a traveler... Be happy while I'm here. Marvel at what I see. Think about how to spend each day wisely. Take advantage of the time. Take only pictures, leave only footprints. Leave it nice for the next folks traveling through. Remember we have somewhere to go to when the trip is over.

I am thankful for what He created.
I am thankful for all that I have been given.

{You Are My World Greeting Cards} - Globe crayons attached to the card-fronts were made by melting blue and green crayon pieces in an egg poacher and letting them set up before popping them out.

Happy Earth Day!


Head-gear for "Recycled Hat Day" at school

We had a little Earth Day party at my mom's house, just us, when the kids got home from school. Jeffrey and Prosper are still gone. I am missing my little boy.

Black and white construction paper triangles and basic globe print-outs became a fancy streamer for the occasion.

Old canning jar lids, more print-outs, and some fabric salvage strips became place-tags.

I kinda do thrive on the reuse-recycle thing, I guess!

The table was set with dishes and treasures I scavenged from all over in my mom's bungalow. I love her style. Any time we have a party or dinner there it is like browsing a great antique/thrift store for goodies to go with the theme.

An after-school snack that looked vaguely like the world with a heart around it. I was just satisfied it was obvious enough that the 1st grader got it.

Four stations to keep the kids busy while supper was cooking.

  • Snack
  • Newspaper flowers (pictured in the centerpieces)
  • Animal coloring sheets
  • You Are My World greeting cards (shown above)

They all loved it. Well, let's be real, the boys loved it for a while and then went to play with Legos. The girls loved it all the way through to the last drop of wax. That is close enough to perfect for me.

We ate a chunk of the world for Supper:
New York strip, Idaho potatoes, Brussels sprouts, Georgia peaches, Boston iced tea, and baked Alaska.

It was delicious.

Side notes: The dessert was a Paleo-hack triumph and was met with great pleasure by our kids who usually have to skip dessert due to food allergies! Also, we apparently don't name vegetables after places in the US so we had to hop across the pond to Belgium for our greens.

After supper we all exchanged our cards and showed a little Earth-Day love by writing down and sharing some of our favorite things in the world.

As idyllic as this sounds, I must burst your bubble with some more reality... 

It was those boys again and it went something like this:

"Hey, Latham, I'm gonna put down Legos as my favorite thing."
"Oh, me too!"
"Boys, this is about Earth Day. You need to put down something that came with the Earth; animals, events in nature, weather, plants, things like that." 
"Ok. Plastic, to make Legos!"
"No, Plastic is man-made."
"What is it made with?"
"Then chemicals are my favorite."


"Ummm... OK?!"
"Hey, Jax, Let's go finish our Lego plane!"

[Boys exit]
[Moms shake their heads]
[Girls giggle]
[Moms start to giggle too]

Jax: What are you laughing at?
Kat: "Nothing. Happy Earth Day, Chemical-breath!"

And on that note I'll leave you.
Raimie Lu


  1. Heehee--Love the "keeping it real". However, you are amazing with your creative ideas even if the boys didn't totally keep in the spirit of things!

    1. Awww, thanks! :) Creativity and the giggles are what makes all the reality easier to handle!

  2. Raimie I read this post in bed this morning while waking up and I started laughing so hard about the chemical part. Dennis wondered what could make me laugh so hard so early.. so through gasps of giggles I read it to him. Then we were both laughing.
    What a great start to my day ... laughter. Thanks

    1. Dear Ashley, your comment made me so happy.... laughter is my favorite thing to share with a friend! :)

  3. Dear what on earth,

    It was indeed a delightful, memorable earth day here at the bungalow....what with the 1st happening early outside before sunrise....lightening striking the tallest pine in our yard and all....and ending with a bunch of well-crafted, well-fed, well-earthed young peeps going to bed! Thanks again for all of it.

    Earth: it's what's for dinner
    In NE

    Ps....there's still a piece of Alaska in my heart ...ER I mean my freezer today !!

    1. Mom, Thanks for letting me invade your house and "shop" your collection! :)


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